14 mar. 2018

8th of March

Today is not Christmas,
or Halloween.
So do not come to me with flowers and chocolates.
I am not your kind princess
or your sexy baby.
Do not tell me I am beautiful,
and give me a gift card.
Come with me to the demonstration
and walk behind me,
accompanying me.
Today we are going to take the streets,
raising our voices
and shouting for freedom and equality.
We want respect.
We do not want to fear walking alone at night.
We will not be harassed in any spheres in our lives.
Today our words are those that need to be heard
and therefore we must look back.
Remember the witches
who were burned for being different.
Our grandmothers in war conflicts
raped by enemies and their own husbands.
Our friends who were attacked
for their lifestyle.
Today we need to talk about the violence against women.
The reification of the female’s body.
The clit mutilation.
The imposition of a hegemonic model of beauty.
The feminization of poverty.
The glass ceiling.
Disney movies sawing the seed of romantic love…
The heteropatrarchy system is poison,
poison who leads our destiny
and today,
we are in a war
to change our lives.


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